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- Over the past 6 years, Active World Adventures has partnered with various activity providers around the world to provide stimulating and thought provoking learning experiences that help people at all stages of their working lives to develop their skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviour in a meaningful and memorable way. We help them to improve their effectiveness as individuals, leaders and as team members. Working only with the most experienced and highly regarded experiential learning and development training providers, we would like to hear from you to organise your next corporate incentives as well as your corporate personal development days.

We can help you gain the competitive edge for your organisation by investing in the fulfilment of your managers' and employees’ potential. We focus on your specific needs, developing solutions that are straightforward, effective, sustainable and great value.

Our carefully selected providers use experiential learning to accelerate the learning process by combining contemporary theory and best practice to create training and development courses that are meaningful, motivational and memorable.

The capabilities listed here demonstrate the breadth of what we can deliver. However, through all our training solutions are tailored to individual clients' needs, by carefully selecting the best solution and provider for you. Give us a try - for more information, please contact us by email on:
or by telephone on +44.7906183452

Please find below an example of the courses that we can organise through one of our selected providers:

Leadership development

We help ordinary people learn to become extraordinary leaders.

Our strategy is simple. We use real experiences in a practical environment to accelerate the learning process, making it meaningful, motivational and memorable.

Everyone can learn to lead

We hold two distinct leadership development capabilities:

First Line Managers addresses issues faced by newly appointed managers
The second programme helps existing managers to consolidate and extend their leadership skills
Both capabilities address the same development areas but each has an emphasis appropriate to the participants' leadership experience.

Development areas

There are a number of development areas within our leadership development programmes:

Decision making and problem solving
Leading teams
Effective leader communication
Managing performance
Managing yourself
Enhancing relationships
Promoting creativity
These can be selected according to each client's aims and objectives.

Training tools and instruments

We use a number of industry standard training tools to deliver our leadership development programmes, including: Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Extended DISC (360°), Transactional Analysis (TA) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). These tools are recognised the world over and regarded as some of the most effective means of delivering leadership training. More on training tools.

Sustainable change

We believe that leadership development is a journey over time. Our experience has shown that the most valuable outcomes take place when the programme is delivered in measurable stages.

Stage One analyses learning needs to identify the client's aims and objectives. This process is usually conducted within the client's organisation.

Stage Two is the delivery of the training programme, the structure of which is determined by the aims identified in Stage One. Regardless of the focus of the programme, the training is always experiential in nature. Programmes are held at our management development centre in the Lake District or at one of the many superb venues we use across the UK, Europe or internationally.

Stage Three returns to the workplace and embeds the new skills, competencies and behaviours into the day-to-day activities and culture of the company.

Observation and reflection

Contemporary research tells us that the ability to observe then to reflect upon the actions of yourself and others is critical in the leadership development journey.

The design of the various elements and stages, including the levels of observation and reflection, ensures the programme is tailored to specific needs and suitable for all levels within organisational life, from graduate to board level.

Our results based approach makes a rapid contribution to the success of your business and identifies the focus areas for each client.

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